Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo Finish Friday: Guest Blogger Patti Abbott

This Photo Finish Friday is hosted by Patti Abbott, who runs the very popular Friday Forgotten Books over at her blog pattinase. Because FFB takes up her Fridays, and because she loves the idea of Photo Finish Fridays, Patti asked if she could use my blog to post her contribution this week. I am very glad to do so.

Photo Finish Friday is organized by Leah Utas over at her blog The Goat's Lunch Pail.

Here's Patti:

These photos were taken in February, 2010 at the compound Thomas Edison and Henry Ford built in Ft Myers, Florida. This Banyan tree was planted by Edison who came there first and is actually located at the visitor's center across the road. It is much larger than the photo reveals and was quite the most interesting thing we saw.

Here are the stats:

This banyan is the largest in the continental United States and is a Florida Champion Tree.

Genus/Species: Banyan Tree - Ficus Benghalensis

Height: 62

Girth: 32

Age: 83

Historical significance:

This tree was given to Thomas Edison in 1925 by Harvey Firestone and was only 4 feet tall at the time. Thomas Edison experimented with different trees and plants for use as rubber and filaments.

Planter: Thomas Edison


pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Laurie. That try was something special.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Tree, that is.

Charles Gramlich said...

What a tree! Cool.

Laurie Powers said...

I agree! Have either of you been to Hilo on the Big Island? They have a street in front of one of the hotels that is lined with these trees.

pattinase (abbott) said...

What's the Big Island--Hawaii? Never been, sad to say.

Laurie Powers said...

Yes, Hawaii. Hilo is on the east side, where it rains a LOT.