Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coming Up on Laurie's Wild West

It's gonna be a busy weekend, but I have some good things planned for the blog as well.

We have a special surprise guest blogger tomorrow for Photo Finish Friday, with some really intriguing photos to share.

Then sometime over the weekend I'll be putting up the next installment of Whatever Happened To..., our series on pulp magazines that came and went without so much as causing a ripple in the big ocean of pulp fiction magazines. What's interesting and ironic is that although some of these magazines were discontinued for lack of sales at the time, interest in them has intensified over the years due to their rarity, their fascinating histories and their sometimes really oddball themes.

Some of you might recall one of the earlier installments of Whatever Happened To, in which the magazine OCEAN was featured.

I have been on a book buying binge this past week, and one of the books I ordered was THE OCEAN: The 100th anniversary collection, edited by John Locke. I can't wait to get this and start reading the stories. And I expect that the collection will be prefaced by one of John's great introductions. I recently acquired his book GANG PULP, and I was very impressed by his introduction in that book.

I also hope to put up at least one more installment of ADVENTURE covers in celebration of that magazine's 100th anniversary.

That's all for now. I have to get back to watching the Dodgers lose their fourth game in a row. Or is the fifth? I've lost count.


Barry Traylor said...

Ah! Anticipation, it isn't just a really good Carly Simon song. Can't wait to see what you post. I was walking my neighbor's dog Benson yesterday and stopped to watch our local college's baseball team play. Not a cloud in the sky, a mild breeze and temps in the high 60's. If I ain't careful I'll become a baseball fan. :-)

Walker Martin said...

Funny that Barry should mention baseball and beautiful weather. I was also watching baseball yesterday at a Trenton Thunder day game. What a shoot out! Score 14 to 12, with Trenton losing. But I had my usual 3 beers and a sandwich with friends and the loss didn't ruin my day since it was such great weather.

Laurie Powers said...

Well, the dodgers lost again last night and from what I hear, it was freezing due to gale force winds. So much for good weather making up for a lousy game.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

How about a team that has bases loaded and no outs in the 11th inning and fails to score, then bases loaded and one out in the 12th inning and fails to score? They lose 2-0 in the 13th. That's what the M's just did. And get this, a batter pulled the bat back on a suicide squeeze.