Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pulp Cover Day - Just Because

No special theme here - just some of my favorites. Some you've seen here before, some not.

Which brings me to a question: what are some of your favorite issues, and why?

Western Story, Sept. 20, 1919

Cavalier February 1911

Western Story, May 31, 1924

Argosy (UK) June No. 1, 1926

Adventure, August 23, 1926

Science Wonder Stories, July 1929

Startling Detective, August 1931

Wild West Weekly, November 12, 1938


Barry Traylor said...

Now this is a tough question. Do you mean favorite covers or the contents?

Laurie Powers said...

Either. Whatever suits your fancy. If you have one for each, that's fine too.

Walker Martin said...

I like the WWW cover because I once owned the Norman Saunders original cover painting. Meatloaf now owns it. But I also like the WESTERN STORY cover by Nick Eggenhoffer, one of the best western artists, 1924. The portrait of the sheepherder with his dog is priceless and rare on the pulps because they were on the side of the cowboys and cattle. Cowboys hated sheep because they ate all the grass and ruined the range.

I hate sheep also. I'll pick a juicy hamburger from Five Guys over a lamb chop any day. Damn woolies...

Rick said...

I love those old covers of my two childhood heroes ... Doc Savage and The Phantom. The 30s art from the former and the 70s art from the latter. Great stuff.

Someday in my elderly dementia, I may be seen racing down the street in a torn white shirt and/or a purple mask!

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I like the covers of the Spicy pulps, pig that I am.

Laurie Powers said...

Walker, I'm so jealous that you used to own it. Did I tell you the story of how I found out Meatlof owned it? There was a photo spread of his house in some decorating magazine some years back, and there in the living room, on the wall, was that piece. That was when I was just learning about my grandfather's career and I about had a heart attack.

Rick, I think the 30s stuff of Doc Savage is the greatest, mainly because Walter Baumhofer did the covers. He was magnificent. The WWW cover on my blog header was done by him. I should do a post on him sometime.

Bob, some of those Spicy covers weren't too bad in their own way - they definitely had their own distinctive look. And I'm not talking about the women's state of undress.

Barry Traylor said...

Of the ones that you posted I must say that I love the UK Argosy cover. Lovely art and great typography for the authors names.
For my favorites I always return to my first love, Science Fiction. There many in other genres I enjoy of course.
Astounding Stories Feb. 1934 with a wonderful Howard V. Brown cover and the Lost City of Mars by Harl Vincent (I love this title).
Astounding August 1940 with a superior Hubert Rogers cover and The Stars Look Down by Lester del Rey.
Astounding July 1941 not one of my favorite Rogers covers but By Golly do I ever love the novel which starts in this issue, Methuselah's Children by Robert A. Heinlein.

Laurie Powers said...

I think I might run a separate theme to follow up. Anyone interested in a guest on "My favorite Pulps" should send me their favorites along with copies of the covers - jpegs only. I'll post something later too.