Monday, March 22, 2010

Abbreviated Report from Vintage Paperback Show

The Vintage Paperback Show yesterday seemed to have a good turnout. I'm new to these things, so I can't be a judge as to whether it was a better turnout than previous years. All I know is that there were three rooms packed with paperbacks, pulps, a few hardback books and lots and lots of people, and a lot of people were offering deep discounts. Many people were offering 50% off everything on their tables and you didn't even have to ask. They threw it out there as soon as you started looking.

I paid my $5 and left a pile of PulpFest flyers at the front desk and went on to explore. In my travels I met Richard Robinson, frequent commenter here and owner of the Broken Bullhorn blog and his wife Barbara. I also picked up a few pulps. There seemed to be a lot more pulp dealers here than last year, which is good news for me.

Here's some of what I bought.

POPULAR, March 3, 1928

SWEETHEART STORIES, September 24, 1929


I bought five LOVE STORY MAGAZINEs, all of which were issued during Daisy Bacon's reign as editor. I won't bore you with all the covers, just this one from August 8, 1936.

And my most expensive acquisition, a BLACK MASK from March 1942. The condition isn't great and there's a tear in the cover, but it's got a Rex Sackler story, which I love and I'll read first.


Walker Martin said...

Did you find some inexpensive vintage paperbacks? The western paperbacks especially should have been low priced. At least there were alot of bargain priced books at the NYC Paperback show put on by Gary Lovisi in October.

Tom Lesser has visited me a few times and I hear he puts on a great convention.

Laurie Powers said...

I forgot to mention - and I may amend the original post - that there were deep discounts all over the place. Many people were offering 50% discounts on everything. I got a few paperbacks, but when I saw how many pulps there were I got sidetracked.

Evan Lewis said...

Nice finds, Laurie. I like the Rex Sackler stories, too. One of the better Black Mask series in the 40s, after the big guns had moved on.

Evan Lewis said...

P.S. In hopes one of your illustrious readers might be able to help, I'll mention I'm seeking four issues of ARGOSY:
Oct 12, 1935
Oct 19, 1935
Nov 9, 1935
Feb 1, 1936

You can send me a bill for the Want Ad, Laurie!

Richard Robinson said...

Great seeing you there and talking with you, Laurie! I thought there were a lot more books this year and better prices than in years. Perhaps the economy is responsible. I ended up with 30 paperbacks. I'll be doing a trip report later in the day.

bish8 said...

I thought there were a higher number of pulp dealers than usual. I picked up three sports pulps, two oddball titles and one Street and Smith's Sports Story issue I didn't have in my collection. The sports pulps are still very reasonably priced as not to many collectors appear to care about them.

Laurie Powers said...

Evan - damn! I thought of you and was wishing I could remember what issues you wanted. There were a TON of Argosys there. Next time I hope to be better organized. Sorry!

Rick: when your post is up, let me know and I'll put up a link to it.

bish8: I'm wondering if that was you pilfering through the Sports pulps when I was at one table. Ships that pass in the night...

Lana Gramlich said...

That must have been a great time. I'm green with envy!

Richard Robinson said...

It's up now, Laurie.

Ed Hulse said...

Nice haul, Laurie!