Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Afternoon Delight Hamburger Heaven

I'm in the mood...for blogging...

Which is why I'm meandering through my favorite male friends' blogs this afternoon. Now don't get any ideas, guys.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, James Reasoner's Rough Edges blog has a fantastic review of a Theodore Roscoe mystery, "I Was the Kid with the Drum," that appeared in the October 30, 1937 issue of ARGOSY. Apparently Roscoe is better known for a fine Foreign Legion series that ran in ARGOSY early in the 1930s. According to James, "I Was the Kid with the Drum" is one of the most strangest, yet intriguing stories he's read in a long time. Here's the cover courtesy of James:

Speaking of intriguing, there's a fabulous essay on Philip Dick in the book section of the Sunday L.A. Times today. Any Philip Dick fans must check this out - well written and fascinating.

David Cranmer, my friend from over at Beat to a Pulp, has a nice little piece at his blog,The Education of a Pulp Writer on his meandering through the cyberworld thinking of the Lone Ranger. Speaking of Beat to a Pulp, if you haven't read it yet my grandfathers story, "A Killing on Sutter Street," is still there ready to be read.

Speaking of which, I've been scanning my grandfather's stories like crazy today. And guess what - I found about five more stories. I am now officially overwhelmed. Somebody save me.

Speaking of overwhelmed, that's pretty much how I've been feeling lately about the whole e-book phenomenon. Which is why I'm so glad I have people like Gary Dobbs in my life. Besides being a cherished friend, he also has run quite a few articles on the Tainted Archive on e-books, including ratings and the latest news on releases, lawsuits, illegal downloads - all the dirt. If you go to this page, it's a listing of all his posts having to do with e-books for those of us who need it all neatly posted in one place.

That's it for now - on to the NFC Championship tonight! (I watch roughly 3 football games a year, and the AFC and NFC championships are two of the three. I do believe these games are more exciting than the Super Bowl, which always somehow succeeds in being anti-climatic.)


Evan Lewis said...

That's right, the Vikings are playing today. The only NFL team I still (occasionally) watch. Appreciate the reminder.

And a Paul S. Powers question: Do you have the unfinished manuscript of The Young Dillahays?

Laurie said...

I think so...although I can't put my hands on right now. I know only about 4 or 5 chapters were written.

Laurie said...

Dave, I really hope you remembered to watch this game. Going into OT.