Friday, January 22, 2010

One Brief Moment of Sun

This L.A. Times photo, taken at Belmont Shores, a nice little area in Long Beach, was taken yesterday. It was the one brief moment of sun we had in the afternoon. I took that moment to take my dogs to the nearby park and let them loose to run in the soggy grass. Boy, did they love that after being cooped up for four days with only brief walks here and there.

This photo was taken at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Highland.

And this one is of firefighters filling up sandbags to place around a home in the La Canada area.

La Canada is part of the "burn zone" - areas that were subject to the Station Fire last summer and are now all threatened by mud slides. La Canada is a very affluent area and as you can imagine, full of expensive homes. I was floored last night to learn that even after police went door to door and told people they needed to evacuate, only 50% of residents actually left. Human nature being what it is, I guess they've forgotten the La Conchita mudslide from a few years ago up in Ventura County, a mudslide that wiped out an entire neighborhood and killed ten people. One man's entire family was gone in one fell swoop.

I just don't get it. Personally, I'd rather be inconvenienced by having to sleep on a friend's couch or even in a high school gym for a few nights instead of being buried alive and suffocating with my lungs full of mud. Call me crazy.

First three photos courtesy of L.A. Times.


Barry Traylor said...

There is a picture from L.A. in our local paper today showing a man looking out the back of his house and it is on the edge of a cliff with the ocean directly underneath. Not quite sure I understand the logic of building your house on the edge of a cliff. But, of course here on the east coast we have people that build beachfront homes then when a hurricane eventually comes up the coast and blows or floats the house away they want to rebuild in the same place.

Lana Gramlich said...

It's just like Hurricane Katrina. People wouldn't leave & look what happened. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? I think the good old cliche of "it won't happen to me" is too strongly in effect. Better safe than sorry is a better cliche.

Laurie said...

Barry - the first thing I thought of when reading your comment was - what the hell is the guy still doing looking out the back of his house?

Lana - see comment above. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Splashing in water can be fun for young and older alike. Too bad there was so much of it.

Melissa Marsh said...

I usually love rainy, cloudy, gray days - but it's been like this for two weeks almost!