Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dinner Party Hamburger Heaven

Just a quick post with some recommendations that have just surfaced, thanks to some of our friends. I can't make this a long one, because I had friends over for dinner and I've got a kitchen full of dirty dishes. (No, we didn't have hamburger heaven.) One of my friends took some photos of me - I'm sorry, but I'm so over that photo of me with the hat - and here's a couple of fun ones with me and Annie. Annie will be the subject of my next "me and my pets" blog posts.

As you can see, with Annie It's All About The Ball.

Tomorrow is day three of the Black Horse Western weekend at the Tainted Archive. It's been a smashing success so far, with tons of interesting and very valuable posts that will be viewed for a long time to come. Gary's to be congratulated.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories
is a blog that Dave Lewis told me about last night. Although I havent had much of a chance yet to check it out, what I have seen is incredible. The posts are of comic book art, but not just comic book art. There's book illustrations, movie photos, you name it. It appears as if he focuses on a specific artist every day and one piece of work that they did. For example, today's post is the art work that N.C. Wyeth and Peter Hurd did for a HANS BRINKER OR THE SILVER SKATES published in 1932.

Thanks for the tip, Dave.

I know some of my followers are big science fiction readers. I'm not familiar with science fiction at all, but I know some of my readers are. I guess they're not feeling the love over here, and I apologize for that. To make up a little, let me recommend a blog, this one recommended by Barry Traylor. This one is Frederick Pohl's blog The Way the Future Blogs. If you're not familiar with Mr. Pohl, go to his biography page. He has a biography page on his blog, but it's much too modest. He sounds like a fascinating guy.

I'll wait for Barry to tell us more about him.

And one final note: I've found a few more gems in my grandfather's stories. One of them is a dog story. I would love to get this published. Matthew Mayo says that Chicken Soup for the Soul books might be a good place to start. If any of you know of any other places for dog stories, let me know.

It would be great to get this in print - the few people that I've let read it have said it made them cry - but in a good way. I know my grandfather always wanted to get more of his dog stories in print - I think he was an aspiring Albert Payson Terhune. It would be nice to see that in my lifetime for me and the rest of the family.

That's it for now. And all of you who follow the Tainted Archive go over and post something to tell Gary what a great job he did.


Walker Martin said...

I second your recommendation about the Golden Age Comic website. It's not just comic books but all sorts of interesting art including pulp.

I've been reading the work of Fred Pohl ever since I started reading SF at 13. He's been around a long time and has written some fine fiction, not to mention being the editor of my favorite SF digest, Galaxy. His website is always of interest.

By the way did you read about the closing of the Roy Rogers museum in Missouri? Another icon bites the dust.

Laurie said...

I believe I heard about the one here in Calif. that closed - or am I mixing up the two? Or are they both closed now? That's a shame.

Barry Traylor said...

I hope you are able to get your gradfather's dog story published. That would be so nice.
Thanks also for the kind words, true I am a propeller beanie sort, I don't go by The Old Space Hound for nothing.
An excellent memoir by Fred Pohl is "The Way The Future Was" Fred Pohl has done it all, editor, agent, writer. In chapter 6 he tells a bit about what it was like to work as editor for Popular Publications when he was only 19 years old.
I just checked at and you could pick up a copy for around $3.50 including postage.

Laurie said...

What do you recommend of his fiction, Barry? And while we're on the subject, what books would you recommend for someone new to the genre?

Barry Traylor said...

Actually I think Fred Pohl's SF fiction is a bit on the dry side. It is a difficult task to recommend works of fiction to another person but I will give it a shot. The Best of Leigh Brackett (1977), ed. Edmond Hamilton
Includes The Jewel of Bas, The Vanishing Venusians, The Veil of Astellar, The Moon that Vanished, Enchantress of Venus, The Woman from Altair, The Last Days of Shandakor, Shannach — The Last, The Tweener, and The Queer Ones.
This a worthwhile collection and quite cheap right now at
Two contemporary writers that I like quite a lot are Joe Haldeman (give The Forever War, Old Twentieth, Camouflage and Buying Time a try) and Allen Steele's Coyote (a super novel of a group of colonists who steal a starship from a repressive Earth goverment and go to another star and settle a moon they call Coyote) I loved this book, so much like R.A. Heinlein in my opinion.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hi Laurie,
Just to clarify regarding the Chicken Soup books--I was thinking of your own blog entries/essays as material to submit to the Chicken Soup series. I believe they only take non-fiction, fairly contemporary stuff.

Good luck!


Laurie said...

Oh ok Matthew. That's great - gives me something to work towards. Thanks. Yes, I might just save Grandpa's dog story for the anthology I'm doing, and/or maybe post it here.....