Thursday, December 31, 2009

Laurie's Wild West's Favorite Posts of the Year

Seeing some of the lists flying around on the blogosphere today was too much temptation for me, and so here are my favorite posts that I did this year.

1. Favorite historical post: Movies in the Santa Clarita Valley Series. Favorite installment: Melody Ranch

2. Favorite book reviewed: The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin

3. Favorite pulp fiction post: Life With a Pulp Icon: an Interview with David Saunders

4. Favorite Pulp Cover Day: Lust in the Dust: The Western Romance Pulps with my favorite title shown here:

5. Favorite memoir essay: My Personal Experience with Mark Twain and Other Tales of Torment

6. Favorite Paul Powers essay: A Box of Manuscripts and Lessons Learned

6. Favorite post (based on # of reader comments): A THREE WAY TIE:
Hamburger Heaven, Tortured Love and a Question at the End

My Personal Experience with Mark Twain and Other Tales of Torment

My Favorite 1960s TV show: That Girl

Happy New Year everyone!


Walker Martin said...

I have a suggestion for one of your posts in 2010. The Postal Service has just announced a series of stamps called Cowboys of the Silver Screen, which go on sale April 17, 2010. Film actors include Roy Rogers, William S. Hart, Tom Mix, Gene Autry. Maybe you can post images, etc.

Evan Lewis said...

Great idea, Walker.

And fine choices, Laurie. Sure to be included in that 2011 bestseller, The Best of Laurie's Wild West.

Laurie said...

Walker, it looks like James Reasoner already had that idea:

Dave: thanks for the vote of confidence. Now if I could finish my Owlhoot pages, my life would be complete....

Ed Hulse said...

Laurie, you've done a wonderful job with the blog all year long. It's really impressive! I hope you keep up the good work in 2010!

Laurie said...

Ed, couldn't have done it without you. All those times I sent you emails with the word "Help!" in the subject line. And you always came through. Your input and everyone else's comments are so appreciated.