Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Means Turkey on Pulp

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I know it's early but I figured that most people will be on the road or in the kitchen Thursday morning. I'm supposed to go to a friend's, but it depends on how bad this head cold gets by Thursday morning.

To commemorate the day, here are four pulp covers that feature Thanksgiving themes - which, in most cases means a freshly killed turkey and in a couple of cases, buzzards. Finding these was hard going - I even went into the Fiction Mags Index and started to hunt around. But I don't have an extra 20 years to go through the entire index looking for November issues so these will have to do for now. To compensate, there's a funny photo at the end of a model that you will all recognize if you read my post from yesterday.

So have a good one, everyone. Enjoy your friends and family and drive carefully.


Walker Martin said...

The Street & Smith pulp magazines often made a big deal about special holiday themed covers and stories, especially for Christmas. If you have the time to look at the Christmas issues of Western Story, WWW, Detective Story, Popular Magazine, etc, you will find some great covers for a possible Christmas posting on your blog.

Hope all readers of Laurie's Wild West have a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm already getting in training for a big day of eating on Thursday.

Laurie Powers said...

I've noticed that about the Wild West Weeklys, Walker. They seemed to always have a Thanksgiving-themed issue whereas a lot of the other western pulps did not. I'm looking forward to having a big Christmas-themed post.

You have a great Thanksgiving too, Walker. I'm always happy to see your posts here.

Barry Traylor said...

Thanks for the turkey covers. Made me go take a look at what I have. No turkeys, but a fair number of Christmas covers. I have a Western Story for Dec. 24, 1927 with a cowboy on a sled containing toys and pulled by reindeer heading toward a house in the background.
Also found the Jan. 1, 1927 issue of Western Story with Father Time handing his hour glass to a little boy with 1927 on his hat, this cover was by Sidney H. Riesenberg.
On a different topic were all the Sonny Tabor stories in Wild West Weekly under the pen name Ward M. Stevens written by your granfather? I have the July 26, 1941 issue with the novel "Terror Rides The Colorado".

sage said...

looks like those cowboys are having to defend their turkey... of course, from the turkey's POV, it don't matter who gets him, he's going in the oven.

Oscar said...

The second cover cracked me up, the really serious looks on the faces of the cowboys stealing away with their stolen Thanksgiving dinner, protecting it with their lives. It's probably happened more than once, too.