Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Five Favorites from 2009 (and a couple more)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I'm following pattinase's suggestion and listing some of my favorites from 2009. And while Patti stuck to film, TV and dvd, I think I'm going to modify it a bit.

I think you all will see a pattern here, which is that most of my favorites have been around a while - there's nothing new on this list except for one or two. That's because I'm stubborn and tend to stick to what I know.

Favorite TV show: Family Guy. I admit with more than a little embarrassment that I've never been a regular Simpsons watcher. Just have never gotten in the habit of watching it, and I'm not one who necessarily gravitates to animated shows. I don't care for South Park; I just don't get the humor of shock and revulsion.

So I missed the first four years of Family Guy. Then a friend turned me on to it this year. Once my head stopped spinning, I was hooked. The show is irreverent without being distasteful; well, sometimes it is distasteful but somehow they pull it off. It's the one and only show on television right now that can make me laugh out loud nonstop for a half hour.

Favorite book
: Sons of Texas by Elmer Kelton. What a fantastic story and so well told. Michael Lewis' journey into Texas kept me riveted and incapable of doing anything else until I had finished it.

Favorite book I reviewed
: The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin. Best discovery of the year. Great story and stunning writing.

Favorite Internet site: This is a no-brainer. Facebook. Another phenomenon I resisted for God knows how long. Now I have reconnected with people I lost touch with 30 years ago, schoolmates, friends that normally I wouldn't get to see other than every few years, and family. And have made a lot of new friends. Yes, there are negative aspects of Facebook: most notably privacy issues, the creepiness of Facebook stalkers and the risk of hackers. But I find the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Favorite blog (other than my own)
: This will be a surprise to some people, who think I'd pick something pulp or Western-related. But my favorite blog is currently my new best friend Melissa Marsh's blog, Writing with Style: One Dame's Thoughts on the Writing Life. Melissa combines so many things that I love and I feel are very important to feeding my feminine soul: writing, history, needlework, and vintage collecting. So many girly things, so little time.

Honorable mention
: Davy Crockett's Almanac. Dave combines so many things that I love: pulp, Western, vintage radio, and sometimes things that really surprise me. Plus he's just an all around great guy and fellow writer who appreciates those who read and comment on his blog.

And a couple more:

Favorite subject I've blogged on: No surprise here. The Movies of the Santa Clarita Valley series. It's gotten me interested in writing again. What could be more rewarding?

Favorite local haunt
: It's a toss-up between the Long Beach Dog Beach and Dodger Stadium. The Dog Beach for the friendly atmosphere - you can't go away from the place without talking to at least one stranger. Dodger Stadium is a gorgeous place and the favorite hangout for a lot of people. Despite the wretched ending to the season, it was a pretty terrific year.

That's it for me. Your turn!


Evan Lewis said...


Walker Martin said...

Here's my favorites:

Favorite TV show: MAD MEN. This show about the business world in the 1960's is a real stunner and alot of viewers don't believe some of the scenes ever happened. Will they did because I lived through such a world when I started work in an office in 1969. Plenty of office politics, no minority employees to speak of, lots of sexual harassment, and the drinking during office hours was amazing. I wonder how I managed to drive home some nights after work. All this ended in the 1970's.

Favorite book read: The novels of Ross Macdonald, many of which I read for the second or third time.

Favorite internet website: the Internet Movie Database(, though the yahoo group PulpMags comes in a close second.

Favorite Blog: a toss up between and Laurie's Wild West.

Favorite local haunt: Trenton Thunder Double A minor league baseball. It's a New York Yankee farm club which I don't care for but there is no baseball better than minor league ball. The seats are cheap and close to the field, and the players are not spoiled yet with multi million dollar contracts.

Favorite book convention: PulpFest, the first one of which was a big success(check out

Rick said...

Favorite TV show: Well this would change often, depending upon my mood. But right now I'd have to say FRINGE. Very similar to the first years of the X-Files. And a good dose of Lovecraftian creepiness.

Favorite book read: Another choice dependent on time and place? PARNASSUS ON WHEELS by Christopher Morley. I don't know why. Can't really explain it, but its one of those books I keep reading over and over again.

Favorite internet website: PANDORA RADIO. Because radios stations out here are the bane of a healthy set of ears.

Favorite Blog: SHORPY.COM Wonderful photos.

Favorite local haunt: Its a toss-up between SPOONER LAKE (I've got fishing on my mind!) and BUCKET OF BLOOD SALOON (5 minutes from my house!). Now I'm thinking of either having a couple of drinks and listening to a little bluegrass or maybe wetting a line for a beauty of a trout!

Laurie Powers said...

You all have given me some good tips on shows and other blogs to check out. Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving.

Walker, is one of the best internet sites of all. I rely on it heavily - it's been a Godsend for research on the Movies in the SCV series.