Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Upcoming in Movies in the Santa Clarita Valley Series

The Movies in the Santa Clarita Valley series will continue in another day or so. This is partly to give proper due to the Story With No Name that will be appearing here tonight or first thing tomorrow, and also so I can do some more research.

I plan on continuing this series as long as I find it interesting to write and you find it interesting to read. Some of the things I plan on covering in the near future are silent screen star William S. Hart (how could you NOT write this series without writing about him), Tom Mix and a host of other western stars and their connection with the SCV. I'm also going to be visiting Hart's mansion this weekend as well and will be taking photos. I've been there before, but somehow lost the photos. Oh well, gives me a good excuse to go again.

I'm also going to be looking at stunt and trick riders. Being a horsewoman myself, I find this topic particularly interesting but I haven't wanted to touch it in the past because of the disturbing things that used to happen on sets. But I think it's time to face the fire. I'm sure I'll be learning a few things.

So there is no shortage of material. There IS a shortage of hours in the day, however.


Walker Martin said...

Laurie, I'll be looking forward to your comments on William S. Hart. I see you will be talking about his mansion which is different from his home in Hollywood. I remember wondering when I heard that CSI's Marg Helgenberger had bought Hart's home, how on earth have we arrived at the moment where a minor movie and TV actress can buy a major star's home. Is there no justice? I can only hope Hart's ghost haunts her.

Barry said...

Laurie, I agree with Walker that I will be looking forward to your comments regarding William S. Hart.
I have been finding this series fascinating even though (and I hate to admit this to you) I am more of a hard-boiled detective and SF fan in what I read.
There are lots of western films in my favorite movie list though.

Laurie Powers said...

Don't worry Barry - I still plan on mixing it up with pulp posts, including one soon on a new pulp my aunt found that has a one-page contribution in it from my grandfather - the kicker is that it looks like a soft-porn pulp from 1928.
On another note, It looks like I'll be meeting up with Ed next week while he's in town. Wish you all could be here too.