Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

From all of us at Laurie's Wild West. Here's the cover of the June 1925 Weird Tales with one of my grandfather's first stories featured on the cover. Can you believe I forgot to post this one on Tuesday with the other covers?

To all my friends here: please be safe this weekend. Drive carefully and soberly, trick or treat safely, and watch out for those gigantic spiders lurking around every corner.


Barry said...

And he got the cover, now how cool is that? I just checked and the only issue I have from 1925 is the Sept. issue.
Those first three years of Weird Tales really get expensive.

Laurie Powers said...

Yes, my aunt found this one and she refuses to tell me how much she paid for it.

Evan Lewis said...

Here's a weird thought. If Paul had become a fixture in this mag instead of Wild West Weekly, the blog we're reading now might be called Laurie's Weird Tales.

Charles Gramlich said...

You have a happy one too!

Walker Martin said...

Speaking of Laurie's Wild West or even Laurie's Weird Tales, I just received a book titled ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WEIRD WESTERNS by Paul Green. Alot of weird entries and illustrations all dealing with the supernatural and science fiction elements in novels, pulps, comics, films and TV.

Laurie Powers said...

Dave, it's a good thing my grandfather didn't write for Thrilling Love. Think about it.

Charles, you and Lana have a good one.

Walker, that book sounds like a must. Where do people think of these subjects and why can't I?