Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming Soon: An Interview with David Saunders

Well this morning I finally put my noggin to use for something other than worrying about the Dodgers and realized that a perfect follow up to my discovery of is to interview its host, David Saunders.

As I mentioned in my previous post, David is the son of Norman Saunders, one of the most famous of pulp artists. Besides his pulp work, Norman Saunders was the artist who created Mars Attacks, Wacky Packs, Batman Cards, Pre-Code Comics, Men's Adventure Magazines, Paperbacks, and countless icons of Pin-Ups, Monsters, Robots, Mayhem, Nazis, Aleins and Space Ships.

And while I knew that David had just put out his beautiful book on his father, I didn't know that David was also the author of several other biographies of pulp artists.

So keep an eye for this interview, which promises to be a great one. I hope to have it up within the next few weeks.

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Walker Martin said...

Laurie, I'm glad to hear that you will be doing an interview with David Saunders. Besides being a regular at the pulp conventions, he has published several long, detailed essays on pulp artists in ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE. Subscription and back issue information is available at I've been a subscriber since the first issue and highly recommend it. 27 issues have been published.