Thursday, August 20, 2009

If You're Needin' a Little Romance

Anyone interested in the pulps and especially Ranch Romances might want to check out The Tainted Archive and fellow blogger Gary Dobbs' take on a 1944 copy of Ranch Romances he recently purchased. Gary is from Wales and it's always interesting to get his viewpoint on things that us Americans have taken for granted for too long. His observations on the ads in the magazine are great. And read the comments. There is a lot of interest and appreciation out there for the pulps and their history.


Chris said...

Love this cover—and the fact that there used to be a publication called Ranch Romances!

Walker Martin said...

I noticed Gary Dobbs does not really discuss the stories in any detail, probably to protect his sanity. The love and romance pulps are just about the only pulps that I found unreadable, mainly because of the girl/boy formula. The young ladies that bought these magazines only wanted the same plot over and over, girl meets boy, girl and boy have some troubles, girl and boy resolve problems, and live happily ever after. Unhappy or downbeat endings were frowned on.