Friday, July 10, 2009

Pulp Fest Coming Up Soon

Just a quick note before I scamper off.

A reminder to everyone that Pulp Fest is coming up very quickly at the end of this month: July 31 - August 2, to be exact, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. I'll be there and I can't wait to see old friends and meet some new ones.

There will be a lot of interesting speakers and seminars, including this one that was just posted by the committee yesterday:

"Ed Hulse, the editor of Blood 'n' Thunder, is busy assembling a panel of
pulp collectors and dealers who will weigh in on the current state of the
hobby. What's happening with pulp prices? Is demand exceeding supply? What
are the hot titles? How has the surge in reprints affected the marketplace?
Which magazines will future collectors be chasing? These and other questions
will be addressed in this fast-paced discussion that will be held on Friday,
July 31, beginning at 7:05 PM."

That alone sounds worth the price of admission (which is only $30 before the convention and $35 at the door - that's for all three days) , let alone the thousands of pulps that will be for sale and the chance to hang out with the hundreds of participants, dealers and authors. Oh, and Otto Penzler, editor of the Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps, will be there too, on Saturday night.

The hotel is still offering the convention rate of $79 per night, but only up until July 18.

Go to the Pulp Fest web site for all the details, including a list of dealers and also who will be speaking.

Hope to see some of you there.



Enjoy the con and sell some books.

Charles Gramlich said...

You'll probably see some of my buddies from REHupa there. Bill Cavalier and Morgan HOlmes often go, and often several others. Good cats if you get a chance to meet them. I've intended to make a trip myself one of these years.

Laurie Powers said...

Archavist: thanks. I hope to do both.

Charles: Great! thanks for the names. I'll see if I can catch up with them.