Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Larry Lowery, Big Little Book Expert, to be Interviewed

Any of you who have been involved in the collection and/or study of Big Little Books, Little Big Books, and similar books from the 1930s have probably heard of Larry Lowery. Lowery is the author of Lowery's The Collector's Guide to Big Little Books and Similar Books, which was originally published in 1981. I was delighted to receive an email from Larry about a week ago saying that he had found the web site for Pulp Writer and also this companion blog. (At least five of my grandfather's stories were re-published as Little Big Books, published by the Saalfield Company, in the 1930s, including Desert Justice, a Sonny Tabor story, shown here).

Larry tells me that he has written and published a new book on Big Little Books, called The Golden Age of Big Little Books, 1932-1938. He says it is a massive book, 470 pages, with each cover reproduced in full cover and actual size.

Larry is considered an expert, if not the foremost scholar and collector of the Big Little Books. He is also the founder of the Big Little Book Club, which had around 1,300 members up until about a few years ago. The Club is made up of many people who enjoyed reading the books when they were children; sadly, many of these folks are leaving us, so club membership has been declining somewhat. Larry is also editor of of the Big Little Times, a bi-monthly newsletter.

And if that wasn't enough, Larry is also a Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, and is an award-winning math and science teacher. He was also a Principal Investigator for several math and science programs at the Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley. He remains active, making presentations around the world on math and science education.

I'm very happy that Larry has agreed to be interviewed for this blog. Once he returns from being out of the country, I will be pouncing on him with a list of questions.

More information about Larry and Big Little Books, and the Big Little Book Club can be found at biglittlebooks.com.


Chris said...

Looking forward to the interview!

I swear my middle school library used to have books like these. Love the pics you included.

Incidentally, my wife and I are enjoying Frontier Medicine quite a bit. Loved the story of the first successful abdominal surgery (the one with the ovarian tumor)—backwoods Kentucky style! Can't believe that woman's means of coping was singing hymns. Amazing stuff.


Well that's another book I'VE JUST GOT TO buy - I'll be skint at this rate.