Saturday, June 6, 2009


Have been sick for over a week now which is why the blog has been quiet of late. Some people can forge on when they are under the weather, but I'm one of those that falls apart and can't really do anything constructive until I'm feeling better physically. This has been a horrific chest cold resulting in my inability to talk at all for a few days now. I'm sure my dogs are happy about this, because now whenever they start baying at people walking by, I am forced to throw pillows at them instead of yelling at them to be quiet.

A couple of notes:
I'll be speaking again for the California Writer's Club, Long Beach branch, on Tuesday, August 4. I'll be speaking about my grandfather's memoir Pulp Writer, how I found his memoir, and the history of pulp fiction. This is good timing, because it will be right after I return from Pulp Fest, and should be full of interesting stories and anecdotes about interesting pulp authors.

I'm very proud to announce that I will be interviewing Ann Parker, author of the Silver Rush Mystery series, and the interview will be on my blog sometime within the next month. The Silver Rush Mystery series is centered around Inez Stannert, a fiesty, brilliant woman who runs a saloon in the town of Leadville, Colorado in the Silver Rush period of the 1880s. The first two books in the series, Silver Lies and Iron Ties, have been published to great acclaim. The third book, Leaden Skies, will be out in July.

And finally, I was very happy to learn last week that one of my photos, the apricot rose on the right side of my blog, was accepted by a microstock photography site, BigStockPhoto, to be sold on their site. This is my first time working with a microstock site and I really don't know my way around yet, but from what I know they can be discerning in deciding what they will accept. Which made me feel pretty good, even when I'm sick.


David Cranmer said...

Congrats on the success of the photograph and it’s a good idea to be well rested with that schedule you have ahead of you. And thanks for the Pulp Fest link where I just got lost for twenty enjoyable minutes.

Ann Parker said...

Hi Laurie!
Hope you're feeling better... And as for your photo: Hurray!
Looking forward to the interview whenever you're ready...


Do those pillows hit the dogs?

Laurie Powers said...

No, but it feels good.

Chris said...

Congrats on selling the photo, Laurie. Way to go!