Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Tainted Archive and some pre-season Dodger mania

Just a quick note to encourage all Western fans out there (and anyone else who likes a good blog) to go to my blog friend Gary's great place, The Tainted Archive. Besides reviews and current goings on, he has also recently posted a John Wayne movie from 1947, The Angel and the Badman, that is available for viewing on his blog. He's also getting ready for the onslaught of praise that will be coming his way soon when his first novel, The Tarnished Star, published under the name Jack Martin, is published by Robert Hale, Ltd. as a Black Horse Western. Gary's also reprinted an entire Black Horse Western, The Sheriff and the Widow, in its entirety. It's a very active blog, full of interesting items. Gary's a true-blue Western writer who is dedicated to revitalizing the Western genre.

That's all for now. I want to get back to the Dodger game (playing the Angels in an exhibition game at Dodger Stadium. Did I tell you all that I'll be going to the Opening Day on the 13th? This will be my first opening day and I absolutely can't wait. My friend Kristin and I always sit in the bleachers, which some people hate, but I love them. (Yay! Manny just ran in on a triple!!!) Anyway, besides being inexpensive, the bleachers are great because we are right next to the bullpen. And it is a great place to take photos of the pitchers when they walk out to the bullpen in their traditional Walk to the Bullpen before every game. Here's a photo I took last year.

Oh, why not, I'll also give you some photos I took at a special celebration at the Stadium last Christmas. Our wonderful friend Stacey scored the best tickets of all time with this celebration, because everyone involved with the Dodger organization was there, including Vin Scully shown here. Tommy LaSorda, who I think is past 80 now, played Santa Claus and very patiently posed with fans for what must have been several hours. I have a photo of myself with him, but it's not digital. Matt Kemp with his goofy hat showed up as did Clayton Kershaw, who was kind enough to give all the kids pitching pointers. I also got to get chummy with Steve Lyons, who played for many years (mainly for the Red Sox) and is now co-host of the Dodger post-game show on Prime Ticket.

Ok, NOW I'm going back to the game.

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