Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Facebook: The Road of No Return?

Okay, I finally did it - I joined Facebook.
First of all, learning how to navigate around takes some time. What is this "Wall" thing? Is this the only way people communicate with each other? Or are their options to email privately? I really haven't figured it all out yet.
But I think I'm going to like it. For one thing, it's the easiest way out there, I think, to connect with people - your close friends, people you haven't ever seen before, people you haven't seen in ten years - all in one place. Plus you can show off your photos and other stuff too.
But I have to wonder (and this is what is my 'thought' that I've posted): how in the world am I supposed to get any work done now? Everytime I open my email now I've got a few new dozen emails, all of them from Facebook. This morning I had 64. Not that I'm complaining - I love it. Sometimes when I'm sitting at my computer and I'm in my Facebook account, it feels like all of my friends are in the room with me, all of them talking at the same time at me.
Between the blog and the online groups and now Facebook (and of course, my day job, which takes 8 hours of every day! Writing, of course), I'm wondering how I'll find the time to write what I'm "supposed" to be writing: something of substance, like a book or an article. But then, being rather lazy, even if I wasn't involved with all of these Internet goodies, I wouldn't be writing anyway. So at least I'm writing "something."
But now. Really. I have to take the dogs for their morning walk. More and more frequently now I walk into the living room and find nothing but looks of reproach.

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Great to have you as a friend on facebook and I look forward to doing the upcoming interview with youself on The Archive.