Thursday, March 26, 2009

Los Angeles Pulp and Paperback Show, some family photos and a secret garden

Phew - been really busy in town and then friends in town and then this week it's taxes, blah, blah, blah.

First: an announcement for pulpsters: this Sunday, (the 29th), is the annual Los Angeles Pulp and Paperback show in Mission Hills. For those of you interested, it's from 9 AM to 4 PM and is at the Guest House Inn, 10621 Sepulveda Blvd which is right where the 405 frwy and the 118 frwy intersect. This show has taken place every year since the mid 1980s. This will be my first year at the show and I plan on posting a report afterwards. I've been looking for issues of ADVENTURE from the 1920s and 1930s - I hope to find some there.

I had a great time with my family - my sisters Linda and Becky, and my mom who just celebrated her 81st birthday - when they came down a few weeks ago and stayed for four days. We are all antique and flea market nutcases, so we spent the first day here at the Long Beach Flea Market, which is the third Sunday of every month and a fabulous time, every time. People have always told me about the Rose Bowl flea market, but honestly, I've never had the desire to go - why should I, when I can go to the Long Beach show which is roughly 5 minutes from my house?

We also spent some time with my aunt Pat (who is my grandfather's daughter and has collected almost the entire Wild West Weekly issues that have his stories) and we spent some time in Orange, which is full of antique shops and had lunch at Watson's Drug Store. Here's a photo of us: me on the left, Pat, my mom, Linda and Becky. Becky and I had a great time rooting through the old fashioned candy they sold - remembers candy cigarettes and the bubble gum cigars? Those are probably why I started smoking when I was 12 years old, and why I have had thousands of dollars of dental work as an adult. I still have a sweet tooth. At least I quit smoking.

During all the craziness of the past few weeks, I did get a chance to read a novel, Dream City, by Brendan Short, that was published last fall. Big Little Books play a large role in this book. I plan on posting a review tomorrow, when I have more time to devote more time to it.

I've also been busy with a fun little project at the house I'm now renting. The owners, who lived in this house prior to me moving in this January, had built a dog run in the back yard. As you will see, it was fully enclosed by a tall wooden fence, with only a few holes drilled in so the poor dogs could look out while they were penned in. While I won't go into that part of the story, I will show you what it looked like when I moved in. It was nothing but mud, weeds, petrified dog poop, a few abandoned dog crates and a couple of tarps.
But I did notice that the space had a certain feeling to it - I couldn't pin any words to it, but it just felt like a nice little enclosure, despite the dog poop, and that it could be turned into something special. So I've decided to turn it into a secret garden. I have just planted some small plants for now, some bulbs that my friend Kris gave me, three roses that my aunt gave me, and other things that I see along the way. I don't want to spend a lot of money - this house is a rental, after all, and times are tough anyway - but I'm hoping that by summer this will be a really special little hideaway. Oh, and my sisters found a cute little bistro table and chair set at - where else - the Long Beach Flea Market. Here's what it looks like as of yesterday. I took this in the middle of the day, so pardon the glare. I'll post other photos as the year progresses.

I'll finish with a photo of my sister Becky and me with the wonderful quilt that my sister Linda made for me.


DogLover said...

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Andrea said...

Laurie - Your Secret Garden has inspired me to do a little improvising in my yard - Read: Big male dog = elevated beds! My project this week: repurposing old oak barrels that have been hanging around collecting weeds for a manageable veggie garden. Thank you!

BTW - your Secret Garden looks very well-laid out. I can already see it blooming in my mind's eye. The bistro set is perfect and your family looks delighted!

- Andrea

Laurie Powers said...

Hey Andrea! Nice to hear that the secret garden has had some influence on you.
BTW, I also started a vegetable garden a few months ago. Right now I have more lettuce that I could ever possibly want - if you want some, come by.