Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Web Sites, Blogs, and a Convention - Oh My!

I just posted some new web sites and blogs on my favorites lists, so check them out. There are numerous sites to obtain both original pulps (like Books From the Crypt and Girasol Collectibles) and reprints (like Adventure House).

I also want to put a plug in for PulpFest, the annual convention for pulp fiction enthusiasts, historians and collectors. This year PulpFest 2009 will be held from July 31 to August 2, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. This is considered the premiere event for pulp collectors and dealers of pulp magazines, digests, dime novels, and other paper collectibles will be on hand, as well as some authors of definitive books on the history of pulp fiction. I have never been (in previous years the annual convention was known as PulpCon, but PulpFest is the "new and improved" national pulp convention), but I definitely plan on going this year, if anything to meet some of the most noteworthy collectors and experts in the field. Besides, the price of admission is next to nothing.


BillyBones said...

Laurie...I was going to wait until I finished your Dad's book but found your blog tonight and had to write to you. I loved it! A MUST read for any pulp lover, of which, I am a member. Such a smooth writer your father're ok too! Thanks for doing all that investigatin' so we could share it with you! Your New Pard...

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks! I'm always happy to get these kind of posts! Hope you've been keeping up with the blog and the info on the blog as well. There's lots of information for people interested in pulp fiction.
Glad you're enjoying the book (Pulp Writer is written by my grandfather by the way, not my father). Yes, there was years of research behind it, and a few false starts and months of no writing at all. In the long run it was worth it, tho.