Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacation! Day Trip #1 to Angelino Heights

I'm on vacation this week, and it's a strange week for me, but in a good way. For one thing, Monday was my birthday, and this is the first time in I don't know how long that I've taken my birthday off. I've never even taken just the day off, much less a whole week. But I needed some time off from work - not to do anything in particular, but to spend the week poking around the house and seeing some things around Los Angeles that I've been dying to do.

Yesterday I spent some time in Angelino Heights, which is a small neighborhood just north of downtown, right off of the 101 Freeway, that has the highest concentration of Victorian Homes in the city. Some of you that live in other states, that may not seem like such a big deal, but in los Angeles to have one Victorian in your neighborhood is a treat, much less an entire street. The street that my friend Karen and I focused on was Carroll Street which is without argument the most famous of the streets. The other streets around have some Victorians, some Craftsman homes, a smattering of houses with questionable architecture. There are even some houses for sale, like this one.

It was blazing hot, even at 10:30 in the morning, which was when we agreed to meet (Karen lives in the San Fernando Valley) and by the time we hit the street, it was one of those times that you immediately start looking for the shade. Too much sun for really good photographs, but I made do. You can hear the 101 Freeway, thats how close the neighborhood is to the freeway, and in these shots of the house at 1300 Carroll you can see the downtown skyline so you can get an idea of where the houses are situated in proximity to the rest of the city. But for the most part the street is quiet, but then you have to remember that we were there on a Tuesday morning. By the time we were leaving, there were other people there taking photos as well. I have a feeling that these residents are used to people taking pictures of their homes. .

Here is some history on Angelino Heights. The Wikipedia page is pretty good. This page from is a good site as well. the Los Angeles Conservancy also does historical walking tours of Angelino Heights.

After about an hour, Karen and I surrendered to the heat and said "let's eat!" and we headed to The Original Pantry Cafe on 7th and Figueroa in downtown L.A. A traditional late morning breakfast was the perfect ending to a wonderful day trip, and I was home by 2. Next time, I'll hit Carroll Street earlier in the morning when there are more interesting light and shadow contrasts to work with.

Next day trip: The Huntington Library.


Chris said...

What a house! Great pictures, too.

How did all of your talks go?

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks for asking, Chris. I had one a few weeks ago in Orange that went very well. It was a little nervewracking at first, though, because we couldn't get the projector (a rented one, but brand new) to 'talk' to my computer - and my talk is very dependent on a Power Point presentation! Two minutes before the talk was supposed to begin, we got it running.