Wednesday, August 6, 2008

California Writer's Club

Hi there - just a quick note to remind everybody that I'll be speaking at the California Writer's Club in Orange, California this Saturday. I'm looking forward to this presentation. For one thing, they sound like a great group, and I'm interested in learning more about them. In addition, because I'll be speaking to a group that will probably consist primarily of writers, I can delve a little bit more into the struggles that my grandfather went through to get published and more detail into what the pulp fiction writers of the 30s and 40s experienced as writers.

Plus it doesn't hurt that Orange is one of my favorite towns. My granfather lived there as well, from the late 1930s until the very early 1950s. They lived in a wonderful craftsman on Grand Avenue (while the pulps were still humming along and he was still making the bucks) and later in a much smaller house on LaVeta. The house on Grand is still there, and my aunt and I occasionally drive by and salivate over it - it's about 100 years old now and still magnificent. The house on LaVeta is gone, and probably a good thing. I don't think that was a good time for the Powers family.

Back to the California Writer's Club: here's their website:

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I'd love to come to that but I'm thousands of miles way. Boo hoo

Chris said...

I am less than thousands of miles away, but still can't make it. Have fun! Sure it will be a good talk.

This is a shot in the dark, but you wouldn't know anything about range wars, would you? Specifically, as they arose out of the Homestead Act? One of my LL stories I'm reading deals with squatters and ranchers, and I was looking for more background.

Laurie Powers said...

Chris - do you know about the virtual library? Here's the page on History of the West. It seems to cover almost any topic,so you might get lucky!


Laurie Powers said...

Oops, I forgot the web site! Here it is:

Ben Merkley said...

I am a man of the old west. Actually the old north west. Calgary and the Calgary Stampede to be exact, and I grew up on the northern edge of Calgary where there were a lot of horses and a cow lived across the street and I saw Slim Pickens and the late Bill Linderman entertain the Stampede grandstand crowd year after year. You've got a great blog going.