Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little Big Books

A couple of weeks ago I talked about finding one of my grandfather's Little Big Books at the Long Beach Flea Market. Here's a photo of it, and also a photo of another of the Little Big Books, Johnny Forty-Five. My apologies for the low quality of the photos.

These stories were reprints of Wild West Weekly stories, and were published by Saalfied Company in 1938. From the records my grandfather left, he was paid $50 each for the reprint of each story into Little Big Book format.

I have a copy of "Lowery's the Collector's guide to Big Little Books and similar Books", published in 1981 by Lawrence F. Lowery. Although I don't know if there have been any corrections or updates to this book since it was published, it does seem to be fairly comprehensive. I have found all of my grandfather's Little Big Books catalogued in here as well.

Stu Schiffman sent me another book to add to my Pulp Writer Memoirs list. Although these aren't memoirs, they are biographies, which are close enough. Here is his note to me:

I’d like to mention "Literary swordsmen and sorcerers : the makers of heroic fantasy" by De Camp, L. Sprague (Lyon Sprague), 1907-2000. Sauk City, Wis. : Arkham House, c1976., As well as his bios of RE Howard and Lovecraft.

There’s also a recent new biography of Robert E. Howard, that concentrates on his relationship to Texas and is a contrast to the figure as presented in DeCamp’s book - Blood & Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard, published by Monkeybrain, Inc

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Chris said...

Desert Justice and Johnny Forty-Five are two of the best titles I've ever heard. Awesome. Good reads?

I wish you the best with your house. Do it for Johnny Forty-Five! (:

All the best,